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03 January 2022, 22:40 and D2W

I had been along a street in the daytime, having a conversation or thoughts about seeking martial arts training.

There had been fighters practicing martial arts and a fight coming up

The fighters who would be fighting, and were training, were of different nationalities and languages.

The fighter training on one side of the battle had placed a wager against himself, and I had found in a Google search a snippet of an article announcing that he had bet against himself. [way to make money by throwing fights then collecting?]

The other fighter had been Italian practicing Brazilian Jujitsu etc. and the fight was to be in a ring somewhere indeterminate in the global spin scene.

While explaining it to the Russian martial artist driving up to me, who barely spoke any English, he waited patiently for me to finish telling the story. He wordlessly agreed to take me to a training session at his domicile (?).

He had been driving up to me while I was on foot on the street atop a riding lawn mower with one tall saddle-like seat.

After patiently listening to me, he motioned for me to get on the tractor, to climb up into the seat net to him. it was dusty around. The seat was green, dusty until he brushed it off and underneath was bright green.

While driving I kept yammering on about this and that regarding martial arts, such as the details and styles of the fighters.

Eventually we were in the cab of a truck. I was leaning rudely over towards him, and he shrugged me over towards the window so I would back off from his seat where he was driving the truck. He was driving with his feet reclined on the dash, wearing tan ankle-high slippers that were woolen on the inside. I had been crowding him. He was square-jawed, with scruff and short hair and beard growth, wearing a black t-shirt. Muscular. When I realized he meant for me to back off and return my body more towards my space on the passenger side, I looked up over to the right through the windowshield and saw the earth in the sky. next to the earth was a small alien-like figure, like Gizmo from Gremlins. Small but nearly the size of the earth in comparison, only barely eclipsed by the earth. The Gizmo was wearing something like a helmet that was mostly white and nothing more, covering only the back and sides with holes for the eyes. It looked like something from Star Wars, like an alien. I knew then that it was a dream, and it was time to wake up, and I did so.

As I woke I was reminded of the lucid dreaming technique of programming some image into the dream upon which, seeing the image in the dream, one would simply know it's a dream and take some action to take control of the dream or wake up.

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